Strong, stable communities through strong, healthy people.

We see a brighter world where underserved communities shed mistrust, stigmatization, and apprehension of government healthcare for a healthier future for all.
Community Born, Community Led
Born in the chair of a barbershop in 2017, Live Chair Health’s early days were spent convincing African American men to track their vitals while getting a haircut. In that sacred circle of trust between barber and client, we’ve helped thousands of minority members overcome a deep-seated resistance to sharing personal information for their health and wellbeing.

Today, we’ve expanded our circle by going into the streets of underserved communities and have partnered with insurance providers to connect even more people with the best healthcare services available to them.
In Leadership
The people working behind the scenes to make sure everyone has equitable access to resources for a longer, stronger life.
Pamme Taylor
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Suggs
Advisor to the CEO
Jordan Buxton-Punch
Director of Partnership Development
Tiffany Bassford
Vice President of Operations
Lexi Moore
Principal Product Manager
Nathan Blew
Interim CTO
Sarahi McDonough
Field Operations Manager - LA
Troy Glover
General Manager - West Coast
Richard Trinh
General Manager - Mid Atlantic Markets
In Community
The face of LCH that works tirelessly day in and day out to ensure everyone has access to the healthcare they're entitled to.

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