November 18, 2021
Stylist Q&A: How Live Chair Health is Improving Doctor Visits for African Americans

How Live Chair Health is Improving the Doctor Experience for African Americans

We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Between finding a provider who takes your insurance, making time to call the office during business hours, and then actually scheduling and showing up for the appointment, sometimes it seems like too much hassle. 

Those barriers alone can be enough to keep you away from your annual physical, but add in the negative experiences minority populations have historically experienced at doctors offices, and the chances of going to see a doctor are significantly reduced. 

At the same time, we know that regular visits to a primary care provider can make a major difference in your health, yet African Americans use health services less frequently than other races and are much less likely to see a doctor. It may then come as no surprise that for many health conditions, African Americans are affected disproportionately when it comes to disease, injury, death, and disability compared to white Americans. 

So how do we start to break this cycle? We look at the root cause.

Studies have shown that some disparities are present not as a result of poor access to care, but, to a certain extent, as a result of the experiences patients have at their doctors’ offices.

The four most common reasons African Americans are less likely to go to the doctor are: 
  1. Perceived discrimination
  2. Medical mistrust
  3. Race discordance
  4. Poor communication

That’s why at Live Chair Health, we created a provider experience that eliminates these four specific concerns. In order to do that, we’ve curated a list of culturally sensitive providers that are dedicated to providing a unique experience for minority populations. Each provider on this list understands the unique challenges minority populations face and are prepared to help overcome those.

Once you select a physician from our list and request an appointment, we do the rest of the work when it comes to booking and scheduling so you don’t have to. Plus, if you join the Live Chair Health Program, you earn cash rewards for going to the appointment, which you can redeem towards hair services at any Live Chair Health participating barbershops and salons.

The program has made things so simple that even some of our barbers and stylists have started using it. Keep reading for an interview with one stylist who’s sharing her experience of using the app to find a great provider and schedule an appointment. 

Q&A with a Live Chair Health Stylist
How was the facility that you attended as far as the cleanliness?

I didn't have any complaints about the way it looked. Because if I did, I would’ve left. It was pretty good.

How would you rate the staff at the office? 

I had no complaints with the staff. I didn't have a long wait time, and there were not a lot of people. They were still really cautious about COVID despite the fact that it was a family practice, so it was pretty good. 

How do you feel about Dr. Spradley? Were you satisfied with the level of care that she gave you?

I liked that it wasn't just that verbal consultation, which was what I expected going in. She allotted a nice amount of time for if I wanted my service completed right then, or if I just wanted it to be a formal session while we kind of got to know each other. If I wasn’t comfortable with it being informal, she would have left it at that and scheduled me another appointment. If I wanted my treatment, she left it totally up to me because she allotted the time for it regardless. So I thought that was pretty cool. She was really attentive and I liked it, so I did go all the way through with my actual physical exam instead of making two visits out of it. Because who wants to come back when you can do it all at once?

So it wasn't one of those things where you felt like the doctor was just kind of in and out?

No, it wasn’t.

How was your overall experience going through the Live Chair Health program and process of booking a PCP visit?

It was fine (chuckles) because I didn't do anything. I mean, to be really honest, I didn’t do anything. I attempted to call [the doctor] a few times with my schedule and my time, you know, and I couldn't really get through. So when [Live Chair] went on through and booked everything, it worked out. So I was fine with it. 

How likely are you to recommend the Live Chair Health program to your friends, family, and clients based on your experience?

Very likely. I did it prior, without my experience, because I believe in what you guys do. I think it's pretty cool promoting and helping people with their overall health. But I promote it more so now with my experience, and I’m more likely to recommend someone now.

If you’re interested in getting help finding a culturally sensitive provider and booking your next appointment — and earning rewards in the process — create your free account and join the Live Chair Health Program today.