December 15, 2021
Stylist Q&A: The Importance of Regular Primary Care Visits for African Americans

The Importance of Regular Primary Care Visits for African Americans

It may seem tempting to put off visiting the doctor, especially when you think you don’t have a specific health concern you need to address. This is even more true for African Americans, who are less likely to visit the doctor, often because of negative experiences including discrimination and poor communication. 

However, numerous studies have shown that regular primary care visits lead to significantly better health outcomes. Primary care also plays an important role in the prevention and early diagnosis of a variety of serious health conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and heart conditions — all of which affect Black Americans at higher rates than white Americans.

At Live Chair Health, we’re working to overcome this disparity by helping Black Americans take control of their health and connect with culturally sensitive providers who are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for minority populations. And beyond just finding a provider, we also help you make appointments with the Live Chair Health Program, handling all of the booking and scheduling so you don’t have to. 

Even some of our stylists and barbers have started using the program, and they’ve reported back with positive feedback about every step of the process. Keep reading for an interview with one stylist who found an excellent nurse practitioner who helped her address her health concerns and learn more about cancer prevention.

Q&A with a Live Chair Health Stylist

What doctor did you go see? 

I'm not good with names but it was Krista Brown, N.P. 

How was the facility, as far as cleanliness? 

It was clean. I'm familiar with the facility a little bit, because I go there for neurology.

How would you rate the staff at the office? What did they do well, and is there anything they could have done better?

They were great. I would rate them a 10. That was great. My appointment was at the time of my appointment. I didn't have a long wait or anything like that. 

How did you feel about Krista Brown? 

She's very personable. She listened to my questions and my concerns. She made suggestions of things that I can do to have a healthy lifestyle. She made suggestions for cancer prevention.

Is cancer prevention something that you wanted to focus on specifically when you went in?

Yes! My family is at high risk, so that's a big concern for me. So we're just trying to make sure that we keep an eye on everything ahead of time, that way we can always do early prevention as necessary.

So do you feel as though she provided you with the level of care that you needed?

Definitely, yes.

How was your overall experience going through the Live Chair Health booking process?

It was great! I wish I could book everything through your booking process. Because it's one thing to get the doctor's information and then have to book it yourself, because you might put it off, but it just took care of everything. I just had to confirm it and just show up for my appointment. And you get more reminders than normal, which is also good because I felt like I didn't even really need to add it to my calendar, it just kept me on point with it.

How likely are you to recommend a Live Chair Health program to your friends, family, and clients based on your experience?

Very likely!

If you’re interested in getting help finding a culturally sensitive provider and booking your next appointment, create your free account and join the Live Chair Health Program today. You’ll also earn cash rewards for actions like going to an appointment, lowering your blood pressure, and more, which you can redeem towards hair services at any Live Chair Health participating barbershops and salons.